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Declare Your Love To Isis

Ancient Egyptian Love Spell When it comes to dealing with love spells from ancient Egypt you need to remember that they should only be cast on what is considered a positive day.

Items you need:

  • Orange blossom
  • Apple blossom
  • Petals from a single rosebud
  • A small vile of fresh water
  • A single white candle
  • A twig from a Willow tree
  • 3 strands of your hair pulled from the root
With the candle lit, take all of the items and grind them into a powder. When you are finished, use some of the melted candle wax into the mix. You will have better results if you use a stone mortar & pestle to grind your items together.

With the mixture complete say the following ....

I call to you Isis, goddess of love and motherhood, patroness of nature and magic, mother of Horus, and wife of Osiris. I call upon you to help me declare my love for (INSERT PERSONS NAME HERE). I wish (HIM/HER) no harm. I only want to contribute to (HIS/HER) life and bring (HIM/HER) settled bliss.

Now blow out the cnadle and sometime in the next 3 days take the mixture that you have ground to a powder and sprinkle it where you rlover goes often such as his or her bedroom.

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