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The Crystal Love Ritual

Free Love Spell The crystal love ritual is a long and complicated spell to cast. It's going to time a lot of time and devotion to get it all done properly. Please remember if you don't follow the instructions exactly, when you cast the spell it may not work as intended. If you don't have the items you need, which most people won't, you can buy them online at Amazon or even on eBay. Don't buy from the first place you see. Try and find it as cheaply as possible. Amazon is sometimes the cheapest but then again sometimes ebay is. Point is, look around. You may find it cheaper somewhere else too.

Items you need:

  • A white candle
  • A photo of the person you desire
  • A glass beaker
  • A large glass mason jar
  • Cobalt sulfate
  • Ammonium sulfate
  • Clear fingernail polish
  • A plastic spoon
  • Plastic gloves
  • Fishing line
  • A pencil
1) Take a photo of the person you desire. You want to be in a clean room, free of a lot of clutter or debris. At exactly 12 am GMT light a white candle and then burn the photo with the candle. Be careful to collect all of the ash. You are going to use this in the formation of the crystal.

2) Put precisely 93 grams of cobalt sulfate in to your glass mason jar along with the ashes you collected from the burnt photo.

3)Next add in precisely 46.5 grams of ammonium sulfate.

4) Measure out 400 mL of hot FRESH water in your beaker. Pour the 400 mL of hot FRESH water into the jar to disolve the salt particles.

When I say fresh water, this means you need to obtain your water from a natural source of fresh, flowing water such as a stream or river. If you are to get the water from a pond or lake, it should be a pond formed by a natural spring. Getting water from your tap is not the same.

5) Stir rapidly with a plastic spoon until all the salt has been disolved. You want to make sure that the water you poured in was warm enough to disolve the particles. This means you want it to be a minimum of 200 degrees (f).

6)Place the cover on the mason jar but don't seal it. Basically you want the top on there to cover it to avoid dust getting into your solution but you want to allow air to still get in. Leave your solution alone for about 24 hours while the crstyals form at the bottom of the jar.

At this stage you will want to have your gloves on. You won't want to touch the tiny crystals with your bare hands. Also if you don't have a large enough mason jar and want to use the glass beaker that is fine. Just place a piece of paper over the top to prevent dust particles from getting in.

Pour the liquid solution into another container and then pour the crystals that formed in the bottom of the jar onto a plate. You want to try and find the largest and most beatiful one out of the bunch. This will be your base or your seed crystal.

7) Clean your mason jar out or use a new one. Now pour the liquid solution you previously set aside back in the jar. This is where the size of the mason jar really matters. The bigger the glass jar the bigger your crystal can grow.

8) Now that you have selected the best crystal, tie a fishing line around it.

9) Once the crystal seed is secured with the fishing line, wrap the other end of the line around a pencil so you can balance that on top of the jar. What you are doing here, is you want to soak the tiny crystal in the solution without it touching the bottom of sides of the jar.

10) Clean your mason jar out or use a new one. Now pour the solution back in. This is where the size of the mason jar really matters. The bigger the glass jar the bigger your crystal can grow.

11) After a week or two, your crystal will begin to increase in size. When the crystal has reached the desired size, simply remove it from the solution and cut the fishing line. This could take weeks or even a month. You really want to grow it as large as you can.

12) Dry the finished crystal with a paper towel. Please keep in mind that the cyrstal is very fragile. If you drop it, it will shatter so be careful with it. Do not try and sand it down to shape it either, you will likely break it or damage it beyond usability. At this point you can also now dispose of the remaining liquid solution.

13) Now you need to protect it from drying out or chemical errosion. To do this simply cover the entire crystal with a coat of clear fingernail polish. Let it dry for 8 to 12 hours and then give it a second coat.

14) Sleep with the crystal under your pillow for the next ten days. Once you are in bed, and close your eyes each night, before falling asleep, say the full name of the person (first and last) to yourself, exactly three times.

The power of the crystal should draw his energy to you.

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